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The Fair Ticketing Alliance is a non-profit, campaigning organisation to improve the reputation of the secondary ticketing sector, increase transparency throughout the whole ticketing industry and to seek legal clarity about what secondary ticketing activities are/are not allowed.

Our main goal is to work with Government, Regulators and Parliament to create a licensed secondary ticketing business model that gives responsible brokers the right to buy and re-sell tickets without fear of prosecution. This would be supported by our tough Code of Practice which would protect consumer interests.

The FTA is backed financially by its Members, Associates and Supporters. We welcome donations from all those who want us to achieve our main goal.

Members are required to abide by our Code of Practice and their names will be listed on our website.

We will encourage all our Supporters from the industry to adapt their business models so it follows our Code. Their names will be listed in our end of year accounts.

We will not take donations from anyone convicted of a criminal offence relating to secondary ticketing activities nor anyone facing prosecution for such an offence.

If you support our aims and would like to sign up to our campaign, please contact us on membership@fairticketing.co.uk or click here to register to become an Associate and gain access to our Associates Content and be added to our mailing list.